X-Country Ski & Snowshoe Full Moon & Sunset Treks
Whether it's snowshoeing under a full moon or enjoying the alpenglow of the sunset, these are must do trek's of the winter.
Saturday: Feb 24 - Mar 17
$35/ Full Moon Snowshoe Trek $25/Sunset Snowshoe Treks
Reservations Required Register at kirkwoodxc@vailresorts.com
February 24- Full Moon Snowshoe Tour-6:00pm – 8:00pm There is nothing more unique and beautiful than the reflected light of the moon on the snow. Come hoot and howl at the moon. Additional $7 showshoe rental, if required. March 3, 10, 17- Sunset Snowshoe Trek- 4:30pm start time Enjoy the colors of the sunset while hiking along the trails. As we watch the sunset to the west, we will enjoy the alpenglow on the red cliffs to the east. Additional $7 showshoe rental, if required.