Pass Holder Appreciation Day
Kirkwood Mountain Resort would like to thank all the pass holders who joined us this year for an epic season. #Finishstrong
Sunday: Apr 14 - Apr 14
All Day
FREE Burritos | Cardboard Box Derby | $4 Happy Hour, 3pm-5pm

Pass holder Appreciation Day

Start your day with:  FREE Breakfast Burritos in the morning

Cardboard Box Derby
11am Vehicles Brought to Plaza & Registration, Voting Begins
12pm All Entrants have vehicle to Corral, Safety Inspections, Voting Continues
12:30pm Participant Safety Brief, boot and helmet final check, begin hiking
1pm Event Start
3pm Close of public voting, get hiking again; FINAL 3 Re-Run
Awards In the KWD Village at completion of event

-  Sleds MUST be built from only cardboard, duct tape and paper decorations
-  Up to 4 people per sled, everyone must be sitting during the run no more than 6 inches above the ground
-  Helmets are required, soft boots only, no ski boots
-  Start line will be determined by the speed of the snow
-  This is a timed event; top 3 runs advance to finals.  Best final run wins!
-  Bottom of sleds must be fully exposed cardboard, you may wax it if you choose
-  No plastic, metal, woods or other hard building materials or decorations
-  No changes in sled or participants between qualifiers and finals
-  Participants will haul their own device up the hill and ride it down
-  Liability releases must be filled out and signed at  registration
-  You must properly dispose of you sled at the conclusion of the event


End your day with:  $4 Drinks from 3pm - 5pm