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Help your child continue their journey to master their confidence on the mountain. With the focused attention and fun of our world-renowned instructors, let our Ski and Snowboard School help them unlock their potential.
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Which Level is Right For Your Child?
See the difference between beginner and intermediate/advanced lessons.
Child SRS, Kirkwood Mountain Resort
Level 1-4

If your child is a first timer or working toward linking turns and exploring more green runs, beginner lessons navigate fun and safe terrain while focusing on:

  • Introducing edges; change directions
  • Introducing turning
  • Mastering green terrain
All Stars, Kirkwood Mountain Resort
Level 5+

Intermediate and advanced children looking to refine their skills and expand their confidence across the mountain focus on:

  • Mastering blue terrain
  • Developing versatility
  • Introducing and mastering black terrain
  • Increasing turn intensity
  • Exploring the full mountain

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Beginner Ski Mini Rippers Lesson (Ages 3-4)

Best for skiers levels 1-4. Instill lifelong fundamentals in a comfortable, supportive learning environment to learn a new sport.
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Beginner Snowboard Mini Groms Lesson (Ages 3-4)

Best for snowboarders level 1-4. Your child will build a strong foundation while developing a love for a new sport.
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Beginner Ski Mt Explorer Lesson (Ages 5-10)

Best for skiers level 1-4. Treat your child to new found confidence as they explore new terrain.
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Beginner Snowboard Groms Lesson (Ages 5-12)

Best for snowboarders levels 1-4. Your child will have a blast learning the basic skills of snowboarding while meeting new friends.
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Intermediate+ Ski All Stars Lesson (Age 6-13)

Best for skiers levels 5+. Watch them gain confidence as they tackle new skills and explore new terrain.
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Intermediate+ Snowboard All Star Lesson (Ages 6-13)

Best for snowboarders levels 5+. Your child will gain the confidence to tackle new and more challenging terrain.
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Family Private Ski Lesson

Best for family with all skier levels. A private coach will personalize the lesson so your family can maximize your time together on-mountain.
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Family Private Snowboard Lesson

Best for family with all snowboard levels. Our private lesson instructors will help you and your family exploring the mountain together.
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