High Altitude... It's No Joke

be smart. have fun.

Kirkwood has a base altitude is 7,800 feet which can have an effect on your health if you don't prepare correctly. High altitude begins at 5,000 feet which means lower oxygen levels and the potential to catch altitude sickness. Sun damage may also occur at high altitudes because there is less of earth's atmosphere to block the sunlight. Luckily, there are several ways to thrive at altitude. 

Weather in the mountains is notorious for being inconstant and shifting unexpectedly. With products built in tandem with our outdoor professionals that can't choose their day, Helly Hansen apparel will keep you protected and outside longer no matter what mother nature throws your way. 

Wintertime means lots of on-the-go activities and you shouldn’t let hunger slow you down. While on the mountain, make sure to pack lots of portable snacks like Nature Valley bars. Real ingredients like 100% whole grain oats, wholesome nuts and real fruit will give you energy and keep you full for all your outdoor activities. 

Higher altitude = lower humidity and oxygen. This means you lose more water through exertion and faster respiration, resulting in risk of dehydration.

Plan to drink at least 1-1.5 liters of water daily. It may also help to increase your intake of carbohydrates with sports drinks like Gatorade! Kirkwood sells bottled Aquafina at the General Store located inside the Red Cliffs Lodge if you need additional supply.

With every 3,000 feet of altitude, UV levels rise by 10%-12%, so don’t forget to apply sunscreen. We recommend Supergoop! Broad Spectrum Products as they protect against UVB(urning) and UVA(ging) rays, as well as Infrared rays too.  

Kirkwood, CA
Acclimate to the Altitude

Our bodies have an amazing ability to acclimate to altitude, but it does take time.  If you're feeling the effects of less oxygen from going too high, too fast then slow down, take it easy and give your body time to adjust.

Different people adjust at different rates so make sure to check in with your best buds and support their pace.

Kirkwood, CA
Watch Your Alcohol Intake

Who doesn't like a frosty beer or delicious cocktail during a day on the mountain?!  Please... celebrate your day with a drink or two but don't forget to hydrate inbetween drinks.

Alcohol decreases your blood oxygen and at our altitude, you need all the oxygen you can get!