Planning a Kirkwood family vacation? This remote ski resort is ideal for getting away from it all and has plenty of fun activities to enjoy.

Posted on February 15, 2024

Family skiing in Kirkwood, CA.

With many different ski resorts to choose from, why is a Kirkwood family vacation the best option? There's far more than just skiing to be enjoyed at Kirkwood. Your whole family can join in the adventure that is exploring this incredible ski resort. From fat biking to tubing, there’s plenty of fun to be had for all ages. 

Get Away from It All 

Kirkwood resort is a neat, self-contained resort that is an hour away from any real civilization. That makes it the perfect spot to leave your troubles behind and come relax in the fresh air. Get the kids away from electronics for a bit and just enjoy time as a family. 

A Kirkwood family vacation is an ideal opportunity to get some bonding time in and spend your days in nature. There’s nothing like it, no matter what age your family members are. Use this as a chance to get some fun memories made and take plenty of photos of your family enjoying the snow. 

Enjoy Fat Biking Together 

Don’t let the snow slow you down if you enjoy cycling. Everyone can enjoy riding the trails at Kirkwood on these snow bikes. They feature extra wide (fat) wheels to make navigating the snow easier. You can rent a fat bike at the Kirkwood Cross Country Ski & Snowshoe Center, just a ¼ mile east of Kirkwood. 

There are multiple trails to take, so if you have a specific focus, such as seeing wildlife or enjoying fresh snow, be sure to ask the staff for recommendations. They'll know exactly which trail to take. However, if you're up for it, you can explore multiples in a day.  

Enjoy Snowshoeing with the Family 

Trek through a beautiful valley and have a family picnic in the shade of a pine tree for a great experience. Snowshoes may be rented at the previously mentioned center and you can set out directly from the center. It’s also notable that this area is pet friendly, so feel free to bring your dog with you to enjoy the adventure. 

Taking tiny tots with you? Be sure they're bundled up and rent a sled so you can haul them behind you. There's no reason to leave anyone behind! 

Try Your Hand at Cross Country Skiing 

You can also rent cross country skis at the Kirkwood Cross Country Ski & Snowshoe Center. The area has many beautiful trails to try out and for those with smaller children, there are also tow sleds available so you can pull your little ones behind you. If you need a break from downhill skiing, try heading through a gorgeous meadow instead. Not sure about XC skiing? There are lessons available to get you started. 

Dine in Natural Beauty 

For anyone who loves nature, Kirkwood’s dining options are a dream come true. There’s incredible scenery all around and what could be better than eating amazing food in that setting? 

Kirkwood offers a range of eateries that will suit all your needs. At The Cornice Pizza, you’ll find kid-friendly foods like pizza and wings, which are all delicious. For the adults, there are craft beers to enjoy with your meal, including some local brews to delight the tastebuds. 

The Sunrise Grill is ideal for families who are hungry but don’t want to leave the slopes just yet. It’s located around the back of the mountain and is easy to ski up to. Burgers here are absolutely delicious and guaranteed to be a hit with the entire family. 

Another good option for families is Snowshoe Thompson’s, where you can grab some tasty eats. The unique thing about this particular restaurant, which is inside the Timber Creek Base Lodge, is that you can eat on a snow beach. It’s a truly unique experience that the kids will enjoy as much as the parents. 

For the pickier eaters in the family, Monte Wolf’s Kitchen is the perfect spot to go. They have beef or veggie chili to warm you up, along with lots of hot drink choices. The hot chocolate is definitely a hit and for the kids, you can order chicken tenders or hot dogs. Everyone will be happy with the choices at this particular stop. 

Attend Kirkwood Events 

Throughout the season, Kirkwood hosts a range of events. If you plan to be at the resort during any of them, you may enjoy participating or even just watching. From the usual races and slalom events to more unusual slush runs and torch parades, it’s a good idea to check for any fun that may be going on while you’re at the resort. And, if you find yourself particularly interested in an event, why not plan your trip for that date? 

You may even get to participate if you plan ahead enough and that can be a load of fun for the whole family. 

Go Tubing 

Snow is a lot of fun, but if you have small kids, they may be tired of skiing long before you are. The solution? Go tubing one day of your vacation! You’ll need to drive a bit to get there, but Tube Tahoe features fun sliding options with multiple hills. You can rent tubes at the site and choose from several sledding hills to slide on. 

Small kids or mini tubers will need to ride with an adult, but after the age of 5, they can enjoy spinning down the hills on their own. Why not set up a race for all your family members and see who wins? You can’t go wrong with an adventure like this and it’s a nice break from being on skis all day, particularly for the newbies. 

Plan Your Kirkwood Family Vacation Now 

At Kirkwood, you may feel far from everything, which is a wonderful place to be, but that doesn't mean there's any shortage of fun activities. Your whole family will love tubing and sledding, riding fat bikes or snowshoeing through the natural beauty that is Kirkwood. The restaurants available on the mountain provide food that everyone can enjoy during your downtime after a long day on the slopes. 

Take some time to look over all the family-friendly activities that are available for you at this beautiful ski resort. With so much to do, no one will get bored while they're enjoying the resort, no matter their age. Book your Kirkwood family vacation today.